Month: October 2019

Things to Do When Facing Last Minute Move

Things to Do When Facing Last Minute Move

Envision an upsetting challenge where you’re going to be asked to get out of your home without the benefit of notification. Instead, think about an equally infuriating case in which the moving contractors you hired neglect to turn up on the scheduled moving date. Such disagreeable instances, and others just like them, have but one possible alternative: calling the same day Moving Company. 

SOS moving company is experienced in last-minute relocation projects and will do everything possible to fix the situation in question. Available for any kind of shipping scenario, same day moving firm working in the Western part of the US provides professional same day moving options that include, but are not limited to, expert packing, haulage, and safeguarding facilities. Always taking into account the fact that a last minute moving job comprises of quite a lot of emotional stress, a last-minute mover will never take advantage of your inconvenience, but will rather ask for reasonably-priced fees which answer your available allowance. For any local and also long-distance shipping urgent situation, call Western Moving Company – last-minute moving company.

How to Find the Right Furniture Removal Company?

How to Find the Right Furniture Removal Company?

Moving home is already a stressful time, why make it worse by moving everything yourself? If you have large pieces of furniture or valuable furniture, it is worth looking into a company for furniture removal in Western part of the US. There are many companies so you need to make the following considerations to choose the right one.

Do They Offer Insurance?

Due to the type of furniture that is often being moved, many professional companies will offer insurance. This will help to protect your wallet should the company damage or break anything during the move. Make sure that the company is willing to offer this within the quote price or for a small amount extra. Those that do not, may not be willing to look after your items during the move.

Research the Companies

 Always look into reviews about any of the companies you find offering furniture removal in Western part of US. This will help you find the legitimate ones that will be able to offer the best price and will cause the least damage. There are plenty of third-party review websites where people leave detailed and honest reviews.

However, it is always worth looking into the details of all reviews. If there are positives, are they over the top and possibly written by the company? If there are negatives, why are people complaining? Is it the company’s fault or something that the customer didn’t realise at first?

Compare the Prices

There are many different companies and each will charge something different. Always look into the costs. The cheapest is not always the best but this is a great way to find one within your budget and make that final decision once you have made the other checks. You could also talk to the companies to see if they are willing to negotiate the price and offer discounts.

Take the time to find a reputable company for your furniture removal in Western part of the US. This will take time but will help you find a legitimate company that will look after your furniture and make your move easier. While you may end up spending more than the cheapest company out there, remember that you get what you pay for.

Reasons to Consider a Moving Company that Offers Off-Site Storage

Reasons to Consider a Moving Company that Offers Off-Site Storage

Moving is a fact of life.  Finding a moving company that’s right for you is important and finding one that offers off-site storage could be the best option.  Figuring out what to keep and what not to keep is a bit overwhelming. Many people are beginning to understand the attractions of off-site storage. Here are three reasons to choose a moving company that offers off-site storage: 

1.  Paring Your Life Down Can Be Impossible

Transferring everything you own across town or across the country can be stressful and nearly impossible. Yes, it’s a good idea to hold yard sales or go to the local Goodwill to get rid of the truly extraneous items, but you’ll still be left with plenty of useful and/or emotionally weighted items that just aren’t going to fit.  By using off-site storage, you can store your items in a safe and secure place until you have the space and need for them.

2.  It’s Not Like You’re Never, Ever Coming Back

Since you’re likely to come back within a few months to visit friends and family, why not stow items you don’t need for everyday life and load them up when you leave again?  It’ll save stress during the move and provide a convenient storage solution for the time being.

3.  Your Absence May Only be Temporary

Many people lead semi-nomadic lives these days.  College students, for example, have to clean their dorm rooms out at the end of every school year, but return after a few months.  Instead of hauling absolutely everything they’ve accumulated during the year to-and-fro, why not rent a storage space and leave everything they don’t need for the summer there?  It will save a lot of headaches at the end—and the beginning—of every year.

If you’re interested in a moving company with off-site storage, then you should consider Western Moving Company.  With cheerful, professional movers, we are one moving company that knows how to treat our customers right. For more information please fill up the form to get a quote.